All activities planned during your 7 Day Smoking Cessation Spa Retreat are Specifically Designed to counteract any cravings quickly and easily, making your goal for a Smoke-free life easy and Finally ... Attainable! 
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 Kayaking, Fishing,      Swimming! 
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  "A Dream is a Goal with a Deadline"!
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A QUIT SMOKING VACATION R​ETREAT          2016 Retreat Schedule now available.

​"Take the misery out of Quitting" while you pamper yourself in peace and serenity, fresh ocean breezes and healthy foods ​while getting fit and toned by daily scheduled adventures with all Spa amenities at your leisure .. all with the benefit of helping you accomplish your goal for Freedom from your nicotine addiction.

ALL INCLUSIVE 7 DAY WELLNESS SPA RETREAT  ​with our  Newest  Location in Sedona Arizona 

Smoking Cessation Wellness Retreats


                                                  IS A DECISION YOU'LL NEVER REGRET!"

We understand that most people are nervous, even miserable on their quest to stop smoking because they wonder if they’ll ever be successful - especially when they have attempted to quit so many times before. 

  • One of the best features in coming to our luxurious retreat is that your “Quit Date” will already be set before your arrival
  • You will arrive on a Sunday afternoon and your "Quit Day " takes place on Monday night following a very unique Group Quit Ceremony. 'Quit Day One' begins on Tuesday morning where you will have the benefit of a complete change in environment -  especially during the early days when cravings are strongest - all the while, preparing you for success in for your long-term quit goals.

​Our program is designed to ease the tension of giving up the Nicotine habit with an ease in building knowledge and confidence that eliminates the stress of worry - or fear of failure. 

  • Our package includes such activities as Yoga, Dance Aerobics, kayaking, snorkeling and many other water and fitness sports to choose from - depending upon your individual preference. 

  • We include on-going daily Smoking Education classes, individual one-on-one and group intervention support sessions throughout your Quit Vacation with experienced professional staff. 

​Classes are scheduled daily - because as you know, if you've attempted to quit in the past, the hardest part in the decision to quit smoking are the first few days of abstinence.

  • Our goal is to keep your day busy and exciting with activities, adventures, yoga, dance, exercise, swimming and fun because we understand cravings come and go throughout the day and you will need to occupy and fill those times when urges occur.
  • We are able to identify these triggers and cravings with our unique approach that includes amazing excursions and activities – designed to already be in place - to help you during your 7 Day All Inclusive Smoking Cessation Spa Retreat

    Many participants have shared toning and losing weight ending their fears of gaining weight from giving up cigarettes.  Evidence shows our participants get fit, get healthy and happy with freedom and confidence for a fresh start!​​ 

​                    Non-smoking "Companion Guests" are welcome to join you for support and encouragement.  

  • We understand how important it is for participants to have personal support or perhaps just to share our Once-in-a-Lifetime Spa vacation with a friend or loved one and we invite them to join you.
  • Companion rates include the same adventures and accommodations in a 7 Day All Inclusive Package at a reduced rate.

If you are ready to think about achieving your goal to finally live a smoke-free lifestyle, call us for more information. We are happy to discuss your thoughts and concerns and answer any questions you may have.

​                         "A GOAL IS  DREAM WITH A DEADLINE!"

A Testimonial by Linda D ~ 

​I never realized quitting could be as easy as I thought this Program would be .. We were so busy with workshops, activities and learning what was happening to our bodies  - that whenever it did happen (a passing craving),
I was armed and prepared! 

            There was the support and comraderie of all the other guests who were in the same space and place in their life as I was - some were scared and knew we could not do this on my our own, because all of us had tried. But together we became unstoppable and found strength and support in one another.  Not to mention the fun we all had!  

That was 6 months ago (November 2014 Retreat) and I'm proud to say, I am a non-smoker today and truthfully, I never thought
I would have such a great time quitting!  Go figure! I definitely recommend  this program to anyone who has tried and failed -
as one of our counselors said -  
 and I still remember this - "We're only as powerful as we allow ourselves to be."  
The education and counseling both before and during our retreat definitely helped, .. and still does because my counselor and I still talk - she really empowered me to believe in myself. 
She made it feel easy and in looking back, it really was as easy as they said it would be! 

I highly recommend this program for anyone who is looking for something different that they can depend on and,
​ one that really works!  ​   


​                                             Quit Smoking Now!
    Forsyth Woman  June  Issue, 2015.  Posted in Current Issue, Health & Wellness 

By Morgan Benjamin

You want to quit smoking and everyone else wants you to quit, too. The media bombards you with tactics and medicines for quitting, but quitting is hard – almost too hard. There are drugs to help but they make you sick. There is cold turkey but you can’t get beyond 12 hours on your own. Therapy is fine, but then you’re on your on again for the rest of the week and electronic cigs don’t taste the same or feel right in your hand. So, what is left?

I believe that I discovered the easiest way to quit smoking and it only requires a commitment of one week. I have been smoke free for nearly a month and it gets easier every day.

I was one of those who couldn’t get beyond 12 hours cold turkey and Chantix threw me into a horrible sick migraine. I enjoyed smoking, but my doctor told me I had to quit. I knew I had to do something but I could not do it on my own.

Then, I found ‘Smoking Cessation Wellness Retreats,’ a program that combined group therapy and Reiki at a spa resort on the gulf coast of Florida and I was amazed. This seemed exactly what I’d spent years searching for. The program uses Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction that promotes healing, addiction therapy techniques, and group and individual counseling.

When I called for information, I felt an immediate rapport with the woman who answered, a former smoker who understood my misgivings. She was a credentialed counselor specializing in addiction therapy, as well as a Reiki Master. Reiki is administered by a ‘laying on of hands’ to modulate the flow of life force energy to clear, heal and straighten energy pathways. It treats the body, mind and spirit, and helps create feelings of peace, relaxation and well-being.

The retreat location is spread across golden beaches and has mineral pools, a complete spa and a full complement of exercise classes. It is a destination vacation spot in its own right. There are miles of walking and biking trails, a museum, numerous parks and greenways, as well as diving and kayaking nearby. It is a perfect choice for a therapeutic wellness retreat.

We were warmly greeted on our arrival, and settled in with a meet-and-greet with our counselors and retreat-mates. Let the week of becoming non-smokers begin!

We listened to information that many of us have never heard before. We heard facts, figures and results of scientific studies. We were warned of the changes we would experience during our week of quitting and the support we would receive. We were advised of the importance of staying busy and the necessity of resting when our bodies told us to. We were told that 3 days (or 72 hours) were all that were required to cleanse our bodies of the poisons contained in cigarettes and that everything else was habit. We were warned that we could become quite emotional, because smoking had been our friend during celebration, stress, depression and heartache. When asked about how and when we would actually quit she told us that the group would decide… our group decided on 10:30 pm Monday and each of us was as ready as we could be.

We met for breakfast daily where group schedules were disclosed and individual meetings were affirmed. Every meal was educational and entertaining. Some of us were blindsided by irritability and fatigue, and a few became distracted and forgetful; one of the group even became tearful for a day. While the degree varied, moodiness was widespread so we tried to stay busy and forget about smoking. We took yoga classes together and spent hours in the sauna, steam room and pools. Some spent mornings in the gym and afternoons exploring on foot or by bike.

We met with counselors during the afternoons and capped every evening off with a lengthy healing session. Every day was easier until the week was gone and we discovered we were all nonsmokers and that each of us had 11 new best friends.

Our group of quitters ranged in age from 33 to 64 and traveled from as far away as Canada, and as nearby as 30 miles. We were male and female, single and married, but by the end of the week we were all the best of friends. Our counselors continue to be in contact and offer support, and welcome our calls and emails. Our group continues to support each other and is always there to offer help when things get tough.

Quit smoking now. Everyone wants you to quit smoking and you know smoking is not good for you. Every ‘quit smoking’ blurb or ad on television catches your attention because you know it’s what you should do.

NOTE:  Morgan was a smoker participant in our April Session at Smoking Cessation Wellness Retreat and we had no idea she had plans on writing this article !