​We understand that most people are nervous, even miserable on their quest to stop smoking because they wonder if they’ll ever be successful - especially when they have attempted to quit so many times before. 

  • Essentially you will be participating in a 14 Day Quit Program.  >>    Seven Days Home Prep, Seven Days of Action Quit  << 
    One of the best features in coming to our Unique Quit Retreat is that once you commit and set your “Quit Date”, your Journey will begin with our "Quit Prep Phase One" where we work with you one on one while you are at home.  We outline a comprehensive and tailored QUIT PLAN. 
    This unique approach allows for us to personalizes a plan to your recovery from nicotine, readying for you to successfully fulfill your quit goals.

    "Quit Prep Phase One"
  • We begin your readiness to giving up your nicotine habit with our one:one at home with individual counseling session by phone, one week prior to your arrival for your Retreat.
  • We will identify those behaviors which keeps you trapped in the addiction cycle and create an at-home readiness plan.

    "Phase Two:  Action Phase"
     begins upon your Arrival on Sunday for our "Meet and Greet", check-in and our first Group Dinner together.

  • During Quit Week (on location) you will now be ready and prepared for success from your home practice and recognize your 'triggers'
    and patterns related to your nicotine use. 

  • During this "action phase" of our program, you will finally give up nicotine while we continue to hold daily morning educational workshops,
    attend group therapy/process and check-ins as well as Individual session. 

  • Activities and amenities will keep your day busy with distractions when craving hit when we're not in session!

    "Phase Two:  Quit Night"!   Group Quit Ceremony ~ "Say Goodbye to Nicotine!" 
  •   Our Quit Ceremony is dedicated for  YOU to finally  have Closure and say "Goodbye" to Nicotine with other participants.
  •   The Ceremony takes place on Monday evening after your completion of Monday's Group  Educational Workshop followed by our Group Dinner
     "Quit Day One"
  •  Begin your first Quit Morning with the benefit of a complete change in environment, keeping busy with our daily clinical schedule followed by activities of your choosing -especially during the early days when cravings are strongest.

Our program is designed to ease the tension of giving up the Nicotine habit with an ease in building knowledge and confidence that eliminates the stress of worry - and removes any fear of failure. 

We include on-going daily individual one-on-one intervention support sessions as needed throughout your Quit with experienced professional staff. Studies indicate that successful recovery occurs with 20% therapeutic intervention (education, group/individual counseling with 24/7 support) and 80% practicing the skills and knowledge learned in preparing you to "practice life as a non-smoker" . 

​Classes are scheduled throughout the day with the goal to keep you active because as you know, if you've attempted to quit in the past, the hardest part after making a decision to quit smoking are the first few days of abstinence.

Our goal is to keep your day busy and learning what and why you're going through during the detoxification process and because we understand cravings come and go throughout the day in recovery and you will need to occupy and fill those times when urges occur.

Many participants have shared stories of  their fears of gaining weight from giving up cigarettes.  Evidence shows our participants get fit, get healthy and happy with freedom and confidence for a fresh start

  • ​​​All clinical programming and outside activities during your 7 Day Clinical Quit Smoking Program can be specifically designed to not only counteract any cravings as they occur, by we formulate a plan utilizing the amenities available to help those also attain their goals for weight loss.
  • ​Stated simply, Smokers are "activity oriented" individuals. Take away the cigarette and find something interesting as you change your routine.
  • Be introduced to our own local Naturopath professional consultant who will introduce you to a healthier approach to your own self-care.​​​
  • Head to the steam/sauna rooms to help remove poisonous body toxins from smoking or participate in daily Aqua Classes, Yoga stretch or Pilates as you continue on your journey towards self-care and fear of weight loss. 
Select healthy casual fine dining meals from health conscious menu selections.

Non-smoking "Companion Guests" are welcome to join you for support and encouragement.  

 Our goal is to support and assist our Participants in their efforts to quit and we understand how important it is for participants to have personal support or perhaps just have a loved one share in their Once-in-a-Lifetime Quit Smoking Resort experience.
We certainly invite them to join you as you consider it as "Quit Smoking Vacation" for both.
Companion rate include all of the above (minus counseling services), accommodations and amenities in an All Inclusive Package at a reduced rate.



  • Support from friends and/or family members is a valuable tool to any new health, wellness or fitness regime - and our smoking cessation retreat program is no exception. ​ ​
  • Participants are invited (if they prefer), to include a “companion” whether it may be another smoker a significant other , friend or loved one to share their Journey to Quit. 
  • Non-smoker Companion Guests wishing to attend are offered a reduced “Companion Rate” and may join in with our participants in all scheduled program activities.​ 
  • Companions will share accommodations as they themselves experience the healing benefits of a luxury retreat at any our beautiful host Spa Retreat Resorts for their own healing, wellness and pleasure with their friends or loved one.​​
  • Companion rate include all of the above (minus counseling services), accommodations and amenities in an All Inclusive Package at a reduced rate.​

Smoking Cessation Quit Retreats 


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​​We work to help you to maintain abstinence from ALL NICOTINE  PRODUCTS:   Cigarettes, Vaping / E-cigs, Cigars, Gum, Mints, Cigars
Treatment is offered with professional Certified Counselors to include:    *  ​Weight Loss during Quit    *   Nutrition Counseling   *  Stress Reduction   *  Hypnotherapy Session


AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY NATIONAL STATISTICS   "Studies showed that ‘In-Person’ counseling with trained professionals and support may increase the chance of quitting by as much as 80% or more as compared to programs with minimal support or self/help techniques. Keeping busy is a great way to stay smoke-free on your quit days - as being active will help you keep your mind off smoking and distract you from cravings. In this way, it is more likely that you can quit smoking with support and stay away from tobacco products for good, than by using other independent methods."