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​​We work to help you to maintain abstinence from ALL NICOTINE  PRODUCTS:   Cigarettes, Vaping / E-cigs, Cigars, Gum, Mints, Cigars
Treatment is offered with professional Certified Counselors to include:    *  ​Weight Loss during Quit    *   Nutrition Counseling   *  Stress Reduction   *  Hypnotherapy Session


Smoking Cessation Quit Retreats 

If you are ready to think about achieving your goal to finally live a smoke-free lifestyle, call us for more information. We are happy to discuss your thoughts and concerns and answer any questions you may have.

"A DREAM IS A GOAL with A DEADLINE" and the Goal Today is

NOTE: For a more detailed outline to our program which includes our total daily Itinerary, please contact us directly and you will be provided our weekly schedule for your records, overview and follow-up questions you may develop from your initial contact.


  • Complimentary 30-45 minute clinical consultation by Appointment with every initial contact by a Professional Counseling Staff Member

  • Quiet and Secluded atmosphere with Private Accommodations and beautiful views of Tampa Bay, Sedona Arizona and Boyne Mountain,

  • Once a deposit or payment is made, we will begin our Intake by having our Intake Coordinator schedule your Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment and Evaluation with our Clinical staff which will be your first individual one on one counseling session in order to tailor your custom tailored quit plan according to your life-style with aftercare planning.


  • Two weeks prior to the start of our program, we will begin by sending you prep-packages and educational materials that we will be covered during our program for psychological and emotional preparedness in giving up nicotine. You will continue with on-going counseling sessions as needed with your primary counselor.

  • Once you arrive, our Introductory Smoking Cessation Education Classes begin as we review the risks of tobacco addiction and learn the benefits on how to live and maintain a Smoke-free lifestyle.

  • Day One Education Workshops will prepare you for "Quit Day" on Monday Evening of your Wellness Retreat.

  • Group workshops continue regularly during your retreat stay. Check-Ins are scheduled and required every other hour on Quit Days 1 & 2 in order for you to remain on target while enjoying all the amenities available for you the first two days.

  • Counseling staff are available and on-site with 24/7 support with our experienced clinical team.

  • Each Program will only have a maximum of 10 Smoker Participants in order for you to gain support, comeraderie, confidence, competency and success!


  • Activities ties and Recreation are included and scheduled during the high peak craving periods (after meals, post-activities, etc.) to take your mind off smoking. Get your Mind off Your Mind with time fillers such as,  Yoga, Dance Aerobics, PIlates and many other scheduled activities according to our Resort's schedule where applicable.
  • Massage Therapy is beneficial those times when cravings are strongest, during the first two quit days, creating a smooth transition in meeting your goals for a smoke-free lifestyle​.  Individual Private Sessions may be scheduled as needed with Licensed, Certified Therapist.. Additional Services are fee based.
  • Trips occasionally occur on Thursdays and are determined by the Group in locations other than Florida. Sedona includes daily group outings. Contact us for details.

  • All Activities are subject to change at the Resort discretion due to the COVID Virus with some restrictions implemented as dictated by State and local guidelines



  • Success in addiction recovery is an ongoing process. This means the patient is never “cured” but has begun to build a foundation for recovery during their stay.
  • All too often, aftercare is treated as more of an afterthought. At Smoking Cessaion Wellness Retreats, we treat the whole individual with lifetime goal achievement in mind from the minute you contact us during your Intake Consultation.
  • Aftercare is a vital part of our comprehensive clinical program. We work with each client to develop a unique aftercare plan, tailored specifically for their needs, that will help them to stay grounded in maintaining a lifestyle of abstinence.

   DINING   Our Smoking Cessation Package in Florida Only includes a Full Service Breakfast Meeting at our Local Affiliated Restaurant.
 We will be making decisions together in the evening in attending one of the lovely restaurants in town during this high trigger event (post mealtime) which we always partake as a group for support - and of course the wonderful company! 

  • Symptoms during the first few days of recovery can be uncomfortable. Exercise, Yoga, Meditation sessions as well as incorporating fun adventures and laughter definitely makes everything more tolerable.  

  • Our Motto is, "Move a Muscle, Change a Thought!" Clients report that these distraction techniques - education, adventures and keeping busy make their withdrawals from Nicotine far less severe with shorter craving periods .

  • ​Early recovery tends to be an emotional roller-coaster. Relaxation and self-soothing techniques taught will help people deal more effectively with stress - especially the first few days of abstinence. We will provide a foundation and Toolbox of tips and tricks when these cravings appear giving you confidence for success. These skills as well as breathing and healthier coping skills are taught throughout your Quit transition.

  • ​Our Goal is for You to 'Stay Stopped" when you return home and get you back on a path towards a healthier lifestyle and increasing your confidence for a successful Quit in your Nicotine Recovery 


The philosophy of this Unique approach offers encouragement and support throughout your smoking cessation journey with the knowing and comfort that you are never alone!  

  • ​We cannot over-emphasize the importance of having a support network in place to help 'take the edge off' - which is why our smoker participants not only connect with one another through their common denominator in giving up their nicotine addiction, but these relationships become bonds of encouragement and support throughout their stay. Many friendships are cemented during these times and lifetime friendships have come to pass.

  • We also encourage anyone if they want to bring a companion- whether it's a spouse, significant other, family member or friend for a  resort spa vacation.

  • Not bringing anyone? No need to worry ~ we all form the bond of friendship during our quit journey together...


 All our Resort locations offer an array of Indoor and Outdoor Health and Wellness Programs. We now tailor and target the fears most of our clients experience
​ at home with fear of weight gain.  Our staff are all healthcare providers and can tailor a program specific to you needs.
Upon an initial Intake we will provide a specific general itinerary for all our Quit Retreats locations.

Below are some amenities offered in Florida location.   ALL of our sites, however, do offer the same fitness and spa amenities for healthy detox and weight loss.
*  Activities may be subject to change at the Resort discretion due to COVID with some restrictions implemented as dictated by State and local guidelines.​​

  • Classes Scheduled All Day, Every Day: ​Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Tennis, Tai Chi, Dance Aerobics, Water Aquatics, Spin Classes, ​Steam, Sauna and Whirlpools 

  • Classes for beginners to the experienced are all offered. Fun classes are abundant and so is the laughter!

  • Kayaking, Canoeing, Tubing and Fishing - plus many on-site sports activities with Tennis Courts, lap pools and Gym with state of the art fitness equipment in an enormous gym for those physically fit individuals.

  • Three Mineral Pools for swimming, water aerobics, aquatics or poolside relaxation.

  • In the evenings, Downtown Safety Harborsets the mood in Old Tampa Bay with an area rich in history, parks, brick lined streets and little cozy hideaway shops. Main Street features shopping, galleries, antiques and award winning restaurants with live entertainment and fun for evening walks and excursions.

  • Check out Downtown Safety Harbor link above for any Special Events on their calendar during your retreat stay.

  • Enjoy an old fashion bike ride on a bicycle built for two - you and your quit buddy ~ A Great Photo Op! 

  • Explore your own level of activity - from fitness classes to cardio workouts - Or just take in the waterfront scenery overlooking the beautiful bay with piers, parks and picnic benches along the bay area or walk along the pier, fish or marvel at the wonderful sight of a Manatee and her calf!

  • Florida has marvelous public transit. Take a day, go to the Zoo or visit a museum both Clearwater - only a 10 minutes bus ride from Safety Harbor.

Many of these Outdoor Group Excursions, Trips downtown, Sponge Docks in Tarpon Springs, Ocean Swimming - or even Snorkeling in the Clearwater area are included as Group Activities in our Smoking Cessation Program. Any Outside Activities and Adventures will be determined by the number of participants.


Relax your mind, rejuvenate your body and renew your Spirit at the historic,
​"Espritiu Sante" natural mineral springs resort.

  • Enjoy blissful spa and salon treatments that bring you total relaxation and rejuvenation available during all phases of your smoking cessation.
    Services inlcude several types of massages with hydrotherapy treatments, to facials and body wraps.

  • Each of our Smoking Retreat guests receives 20% discount on all spa or salon treatments. and services.

  • Immerse yourself in the natural mineral waters in any one of three pools, steam rooms, sauna and whirlpools with essential oils and body treatments by professional licensed experienced masseuse.