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Smoking Cessation Wellness Staff

Yvonne Romero, Founder
Clinical Program Director

ICRC - Certified with International Consortium of Professional Addiction Counselors with International Reciprocity, Certified Addiction Disorders Clinician, Registered Addictions Counselor and a former CASAC - NYS Certified Addiction Substance Abuse Counseilng and Certified Reiki Master Level Practitioner.

Paula Lockwood
Licensed Massage Therapist, Shamanic Reiki Master
Licensed Massage Therapist in both Arizona and now Florida, with focus on CranioSacral and Polarity Therapy as well as a strong background in several different forms of energy-based complimentary practices with a long-term history of working in the substance abuse/addiction field.

Dr. Paul Schonbrune
Medical Director, Consultant
Licensed to practice Medicine in New York, Louisiana and West Virginia, specializing in Emergency Medicine with a broad scope of experience in Addiction Treatment.

Ken Ackerson

Former Educator/Teacher from Boston, Mass., working
with diverse populations in Intervention and Relapse Prevention. Reiki Level II Practitioner.

Noelle Catherine
Intake Coordinator / Assistant Counselor.
CIT in Upstate, New York, currently working on her Internship in Social Work and Addiction Counseling

Our Home Office location: ​​Safety Harbor Florida
Secondary Office Site: New York  

​727.230.2028 Ofifce / Toll Free:  877.209.5166
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Clinical Staff may be contacted at:

Yvonne Romero, Lead Clinician
Noelle. Catherie, Counselor, Intake Coordinator
P. Lockwood, Co-Facilitator, LMT 
E. Barlay, LPN, Co-Facilitator

K. Ackerson, Co-Facilitator 

Contact Information:
Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm

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Directions to Safety Harbor, Florida 
Located along the shores of Tampa Bay,
​Safety Harbor is conveniently located 10 miles from Tampa Bay International Airport or 6 miles from St.Petersberberg-Clearwater International Airport.
Shuttle or cab service transportation information is available and will be provided upon request.

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Smoking Cessation Wellness Retreats 

ALL INCLUSIVE 7 DAY WELLNESS SPA RETREAT with our Newest Location in Sedona Arizona 

Celebrating our 4th Year Anniversary!  2014-Present


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We encourage you to use our Contact Form in order to accurately determine your telephone number and email address. 

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              A Testimonial by John and Sara  ~ 

As a smoking couple, we tried a few times quitting on our own without much success.  One day my wife, Sara had herself of a mind that she was determined to find a way for us to finally quit for good and found "Smoking Cessation Wellness"  on a Professional Nicotine site on one of the google search engines.

When she showed me the web site, it looked nothing that I imagined a smoking facility would look like!

We called, spoke to the staff and was assured it really was a quit smoking program in a vacation-like environment with professional trained counseling. I was also reassured that men often came - either on

their own or with their loved ones. I was hesitant at first, but agreed. We soon followed the initial intake process and it was during that initial Assessment and Counseling session that I realized this was going to

be exactly what we had been searching for - help to quit as a couple outside our own home in a new environment that would distract me. I speak for myself here and not my wife. She fell in love with

the Resort at first sight, but as a man, well- I don't fall for anything that easily!  But the resort was really all encompassing - even a man like myself couldn't not like it !

I am glad that we never gave up our dream of a smoke-free life and I'm especially proud of my wife

for her determination in making healthier choices and a better life for us both.

We both learned about our habits at home - which kept us trapped in 'addictive behavior cycles' during our counseling sessions and group workshops.  I never realized how our "habits" weren't just about smoking,

but they were about the lifestyle we had developed over the years without even realizing it. So much has changed since Sara's's call that day - our lives are healthier, we have more time for one another.

For instance, we've started bicycling after dinner every evening as soon as we got home where we used to sit on the porch and smoke! We kept up an exercise routine and have become more fit than we ever were before. 
​I realize now as I write this how much of our time was devoted to smoking. Essentially, smoking 

stole so much of our quality of life together and for that, I am truly grateful.  

The counseling staff were wonderful. They were knowledgable and obviously well informed and experienced as counselors. They kept us very busy as promised and even joined in the activities with us.
They were always fun to be with outside of the counseling time spent, certainly intelligent and very  well informed about the business of addiciton. We made many friends that week and still remain in touch with a few of them. The Resort staff at Safety Harbor were also always supportive - always asking how we we were feeling and how happy they were for us. They knew who we all were and were always going that extra mile for all of us. We never felt alone and were always encouraged/supported by everyone.  

Oh and the fishing was terrrifiic because you bet - I took my fishing rod and gear!  

Again, speaking for myself, as a man with a smoking partner, this was probably the best vacation we've ever been on together and I promised my wife that on the Anniversary of our first year of giving up smoking, I would take her back to the Resort. Of course she's thrilled, but truth is, I'd love to go back again myself  and with luck, we'll see the Staff again from Smoking Cessation Retreat and even sit in on a few of their groups as proof that this program really does work! 

Thank you for listening to the ramblings of a man who was proved wrong - that I could quit for good and live the life I've always dreamed of without smoking!  But mostly, thank you, Yvonne and Dr. Paul for the medical help you both gave us that no-one else knew about or were privy to ... and, of course, to the rest of the Smoking Cessation Staff. 
 You really saved our life by showing us how to  live a bit longer by making healthier choices and living together happily as a healthy couple with many

more years ahead of us now that we're both smoke-free!