​Our new Medical Director
, experienced in the treatment of Smoking Addictions, acting as our primary care Doc by addressing any medical needs which may arise during our clinical program and act as liaison with your primary care physician, if necessary.

OUR SUPPORT STAFF for our Smoking Cessation Retreat Programs

our beloved pets 
​& ​ second-hand smoke  

During these years as treatment professionals, we have found the hardest part of quitting are the first few days, so the goal is to "Set your Quit D
We provide you with the educational tools to understand and control
your nicotine a
ddiction whether it be cigarettes, e-cigs, nicotine gum/mints, cigars and chewing tobacco.

Licensed Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, author, educator and Owner of BAILEY'S NATURALS  of Safety Harbor. Julie  helps to empowers our clients with knowledge and tools in detoxing the body for not only a healthy quit  but  for continued maintenance for a healthy life of self-care.

Smoking Cessation Quit Retreats 



Noelle is our Intake Coordinator,  Educated in the Mental Health field and student of Addiction Studies for several years.  Noelle  displays a talent and ability in counseling and directing those  who inquire about our  Smoking Cessation Program 

second-hand smoke

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​​​​         We work to maintain abstinence from ALL NICOTINE  PRODUCTS
with Every User now being placed in the HIgh Risk Market Pool.  Time to set a Goal and Get Quit!

ERIN BARLAY, LPN,  CERTIFIED SMOKING CESSATION COACH Working  primarily in our Florida location,  Erin works in he Healthcare  field as a Nurse and health life coach.  Erin is also a former Graduate of our Smoking Cessation Program in 2015 and is committed to helping you Maintain a Quit for Life with focus  on Relapse Prevention 

o-Facilitator  for our Florida Location. Stacy owns and operates, LIGHT OF YOUR WORLD works on a multi-layered approach towards  your overall health and healing   accomplished through her  therapeutic bodywork, REIKI energy techniques and earth based holistic practices as our Licensed Massage Therapist 

WORRIED ABOUT WEIGHT GAIN?  We Now  tailor our program to prevent Weight Gain, encourage Exercise and you may utilize our Hypnotherapy Sessions to Get Fit and Stay Healthy upon returning home.  Fitness Consultation is always available for our Smoker Participants . 

​General Information on our Fitness Perspective with regards to giving up Nicotine. 
This as well as ​Many activities planned will keep you busy during our retreat - no matter what your fitness level - as you live our theme of "Move a Muscle, Change a Thought" 

  • Perhaps you may be concerned with weight gain during the Quit process?  Or perhaps you want to get back into a fitness program to lose weight for total fitness to begin a fitness program you may continue once you return home. You may even prefer walking instead and that's beneficial as an activity as well. 
  • Fitness Instructors are  is available to help formulate and design a personally tailored daily fitness and weight loss program according to your needs
  • You can be confident in planning on Toning up and/or Losing Weight by weeks end with active participation for those who desire to return to a fitness program. 
    This as well as ​Many activities planned will keep you busy during our retreat - no matter what your fitness level - as you live our theme of "Move a Muscle, Change a Thought"
  • You will  get that jump start as you attend to your self-care needs outside of taijust giving up nicotine for total body health and wellness,

    ​What does it mean to , "Get fit, Get Healthy and Get Happy!"
  • Endorphins, released through activities such as laughter, exercise meditation, etc. triggers positive feeling in the mind and body. For example: the feeling that follows a run, a workout or a good belly laugh is often described as "euphoric" That feeling, particularly following a workout may be known as a "runner's high," 
  • These Euphoric feelings are often accompanied leaving you with a positive and energizing outlook on life and this effect - as with many aspects of our program, ​is a natural by-product of participation in our unique, quit smoking program.

​​​​HOW IT ALL BEGAN ... The concept for our Smoking Cessation Retreat Program was designed by Yvonne Romero, Credentialed Addiction Specialist and long-standing member of  "International Reciprocity and Consortium of Professional Counselors"- also a  member of the American Lung Association, Certified with Department of Health and Hospitals, Tobacco ​Control Program.  
After many years of clinical practice in the field of Addiction treatment, working with many drugs of addiction and substances of abuse - she added Nicotine Certification treatment in 2006 with the ability to now state experience in Nicotine Treatment for over a decade and began the Smoking Cessation Wellness Quit Retreat Program.​

Recognizing a need for Smokers to have more personalized treatment options available to them, Yvonne created 'Smoking Cessation Wellness Quit Retreats in June 2014.

​                            Yvonne Romero, Certified Addiction Counseling Director / NLP Practitioner and Certified Clinical/Medical & Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and a long-standing
                           member of the International Reciprocity and Consortium of Professional Counselors and Internati0nal Association of Counselors and Therapists.

                           A diverse and well-rounded and experienced Counselor with 25+ years clinical experience. Yvonne has incorporated a variety of modalities of addiction treatment
                           with compassion, understanding and the experience in how to ease the tension and stress associated with her client's needs during any Quit Process by utilizing                                                 an innovative approach of Body, Mind and self-awareness during her many years of clinical practice in both indiv.dual and ​group counseling sessions incorporating many Addiction Therapy techniques, include:  
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT used for Addictions, Clinical Hypnotherapy techniques to include Regression Therapy, Parts Therapy and Guided Hypnosis Meditations both mornings and/or evenings, along with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to relieve stress and opening up the path to assist in changing all smoker's patterns and rituals or AKA, .. Habits.

When Nicotine was introduced as a chemical drug of ,dependency and addiction Yvonne had to quit smoking! After all, you cannot work as an  
Addiction Specialist and be addicted to Nicotine! So she had to Quit and shortly thereafter, ending up teaching the Smokers Cessation Program at SCI, NY in 2006.
Later in her career, beginning in 2014, she felt the need 
to share all her skills learned and taught to others Therapists, with as
many people as possible -creating a successful 
​One of a Kind Quit Smoking Program - Unique to any other program 
current today.