Smoking Cessation Wellness Retreats 

A Testimonial by Denise C.

During our first two quit days which went fabulously well - I was amazed how quickly my cravings passed and how easy my withdrawal actually was -  
but I must say, I was petrfied for the evenings to come when all activiites were over, nighttime would set in and I
would be left alone with only myself! 

Well, Yvonne did Group Reiki Sessions during our quit evenings after dinner for relaxation and they really helped me to feel at ease, relaxed and unbelievably - during one or two of our sessions, I actually fell asleep!
She taught us how to use relaxation and meditation

as a coping tool as replacements for those times in my life when my days seem hectic and out of control
​ (I own my own business so there's always something. Murphy's law, I suppose!).

 I never had a craving at night the whole week I was there! Daytime cravings went exactly as I was informed they would be, but,

we did the work and worked the Program outlined for us. 
​Was it the resort atmospher, the education and counseling, the Reiki? I'm not sure ,, but it did seem to make me feel so much more

at peace with myself and oh so relaxed without any of the anxiety I expected!

I now recognize when the stress is coming on - she (the Program Director) taught us in relapse prevention, how to recognize stressers and triggers and how these would be those times
when we would be more inclined to use a cigarette for comfort.
Well, now I've learned with practice during our retreat, how to relax my shoulders, breath and find the peace within me that I use to find in a cigarette for comfort.
Oh ! I also found out and now realize nicotine is a stimulant so no wonder I was never really truly relaxd!
And so - we were taught new tools which I still utilize today and share those tools with my grown children for relaxation whenever the need calls 

to come to a place of "center". 

 I have now come to understand why these interventions during our retreat were so much a part of our quit progam and the importance

of what this kind of "healing" is really all about - it's really about keeping busy, breathing and relaxing oneself duing times of stress.
So thank you for teaching us the importance of this kind of self-therapy as a lifestyle. 
 I find myself using it often on my drive home from work to decompress before I go home
​to my family feeling calm and refreshed - even after a long day of work!. 

I am now smoke free for over 8 month and recently took a mini-vacation with my daughter to celebrate my 6 month Anniversary!  

I am so glad for this new program and the concept of its development . As a woman in business, I feel this was an awesome idea

that came about from real care and concern for those of us who have tried, wanting desperately to quit smoking with nowhere to go.

What a fabulous idea! 

So Thank You, Smoking Cessation Wellness!  You changed my life, gave me hope and keep my hair and clothes smelling wonderful ...
​where before, all I smelled was stale smoke ! 

Now, scented Body Soaps and Lotions are a favorite new "addiction" of mine -

​instead of smelling like a cigarette,  I now smell wonderful ! 

Weight Loss, Fitness and Toning 

You can also be confident in planning on Toning and Losing Weight by weeks end with active participation in our program.  Many activities planned will keep you busy during our retreat - no matter what your fitness level as you live our theme of "Move a Muscle, Change a Thought" and get that jump start as you attend to your self-care as you
"Get fit, Get Healthy and Get Happy!" Endorphins, released through activities such as exercise also triggers positive feeling in the mind and body. For example, the feeling
that follows a run or workout is often described as "euphoric." That feeling, known as a "runner's high," can be accompanied by a positive and energizing outlook on life and
this effect is a natural by-product of participation in our unique, quit smoking program.
​... So upon your return home, you'll be ready to begin a life of health, fitness and confidence with a brand new outlook on life. Improved self-esteem is a key psychological benefit of regular physical activity. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain, increase feelings sense of pleasurable sensations and overall good mood.


​​​​The concept for our Smoking Cessation Retreat Progam was designed by Yvonne Testa, Credentialed Addiction Specialist and long-standing member of  "International Reciprocity and Consortium of Professional Counselors" and member of the American Lung Association, Certified with Department of Health and Hospitals, Tobacco ​Control Program.  
After many years of clinical practice in the field of Addiction treatment, such as, Alcohol, Drugs and other substances of abuse - she added Nicotine Certification treatment in 2006 with the ability to now state experience in Nicotine Treatment for over a decade. 

Recognizing a need for Smokers to have more personalized treatment options available to them, Yvonne created 'Smoking Cessation Wellness Spa Retreats in January, 2013.
Other credentials include: ADC- Certified Addiction Disorders Counseling, Registered Addiction Counseior and also a long standing former New York CASAC Addiciton
Counselor, certified in the process and treatment of chemical dependency to include all apects of Nicotine Addiction treatment and recovery.

​                            Yvonne Testa, Certified Addiction Counselor, Certified Reiki Master and Clinical Program Director
                            A well-rounded and experienced Counselor and Reiki Master Practitioner, she incorporated a variety of modalities of treatment in both her Group and Individual 
                             sessions to ease the tension and stress associated with her client's cravings. This innovative approach utilizing Body, Mind and Wellness was then successfully
implemented during her many years of clinical practice in both individual and ​group counseling sessions and also utilizing the art of Reiki Energy healing along                                                    with Addiction Therapy techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT.
                             A former smoker - successfully completing a 
smoking cessation program similar to the one founded today, she felt the need to share in the joys of this journey 
                             with as many people as possible - particularly in the treatment of Nicotine, creating this successful
Quit Smoking Program - the only one of it's kind Quit
                             Program unique to any other program current today. 


                           Why do we Incorporate a more holistic approach to treatment?  
 "Prior to working at Addiction Treatment Center, my understanding of energy healing and meditation was that it is used to encourage physical healing and to promote relaxation. 
 My personal experiences then proved that the art of energy work, a Mindfulness approach and later, Reiki healing, had a positive effect on these issues, not only in my life but
 later, in the lives of others when I decided to incorporate this modality of treatment into my clinical practice. My thoughts of those suffering from drug and alcohol withdrawals
​ could also benefit from exposure to this Universal Life Energy work. 


Withdrawal from dependency/addiction for some drugs is extremely stressful, both physically and emotionally. Symptoms from Nicotine addiction, however, may include, 
headaches, cravings, sleep disorders,  loss of appetite and/or extreme moodiness, etc. I quickly discovered in 2008, that Reiki was very helpful in relieving nearly all of these
physical symptoms and, calming the body and mind that I began incorporating this modality of treatment in group counseling sessions. Now, in our Smoking Cessation Wellness
Program, clients seem to enjoy the relaxation  component most, stating they feel the effect almost immediately and often request more sessions be incorporated into their
Quit Smoking Program."  

During these years as treatment professionals, we have found the hardest part of quitting are the first few days, so the goal is to "Set your Quit D
ate", pamper and provide you with the educational tools to control your nicotine addiction. We will keep you busy with amazing adventures
in this beautiful vacation paradise in Tampa Bay, Florida where you will finally break the nicotine cycle and begin a new life of freedom from addiction with experience treatment that works and your success in achieving abstinence is our goal!

                     OUR SUPPORT STAFF                          


                              Paula Lockwood, LMT, Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner / Co-Facilitator    Owner/Operator of "3 Points of Balance", Sedona, Arizona
                                Paula see clients in our smoking cessation program on a one to one basis to work on any of their personal Detox efforts both physical and/or spiritual in nature.
                                She uses a variety of modalities and technique in her practice to include: Polarity and Cranial Sacral Therapy, therapeutic massage/ bodywork as well as Energy                                             healing practice such as Reiki, etc., in order to design a unique approach for each person who choose to work with her for assistance in helping to restore
                                        their Original balance in Mind, Body, Spirit - which is the essence of our Smoking Cessation approach for all those undergoing nicotine addiction. 

                             Kenneth Ackerson, Counseling Assistant 

                               Educator and Counselor, Ken worked with a diverse population of students to include adults in both the private and public arena throughout his long-term career.
                               In his Role of educator, he currently assists in individual one-on-one counseling sessions targeted towards teaching relapse prevention and coping skills in                                                      smoking cessation. Ken is a strong advocate of Tai Chi and Chi-gong practice as well as being gifted in a variety of healing modalities which he brings to enhance                                          our program.                                                                                

                            Noelle Catherine, Intake Coordinator, CASAC CIT
                              Educated in the Mental Health field and student of Addiction Studies for several years, Nolle has assisted in many of our workshops in helping our clients 

                              understand the social stigmas of smoking as well as co-facilitating many of our group sessions and workshops that include her own, "Tips and Tricks of                                                           Relapse Prevention". Noelle has also provided clinical one-on-one daily counseling sessions. She is currently undergoing and nearing completion of her internship

                              in Upstate Ny.​​


                            Dr. Paul Schonbrune,  Medical Director 

​                                Doc Paul is our Physician Contact, experienced in the treatment of Addictions. ​Doc Paul will act as our primary care Doc by addressing any medical needs which
​                                may arise during our clinical program and act as liaison with your primary care physician, if necessary. Dr. Schonbrun will work with our Clinical Director prior to                                         admission to explore any specific medical considerations you may require to ensure your Quit Smoking Goals are met. 












                     *  Support from friends and/or family members is a valuable tool to any new health, wellness or fitness regime - and smoking cessation is no exception. ​

                    *   Our goal is to support and assist our Participants in their efforts to quit. Participants are invited (if they prefer), to include a “companion” for support (smoker or non) 

                        to share in this One-of-a-Kind Quit Vacation experience with a significant other, a friend or a loved one.

                     *  Non-smoker Companion Guests wishing to attend are offered a reduced “Companion Rate” and may join in with our participants in all scheduled program activities.​

                     *  Companions will share accommodations as they themselves experience the healing benefits of a luxury retreat at the beautiful Safety Harbor Spa Resort for their                                        own healing, wellness and pleasure with their friends or loved one.


ALL INCLUSIVE 7 DAY WELLNESS SPA RETREAT with our Newest Location in Sedona Arizona