A Smoking Cessation 10 Day Outpatient Quit Retreat Program

Receive all the benefits attending our Clinical Quit Smoking Cessation Wellness Retreat at the beautiful Safety Harbor Spa Resort enjoying all daily amenities and activities - except you get to go home, practicing the tools and principles taught in our unique quit smoking program when you return home every evening.  In this way, you quickly become familiar with your triggers, recognize cue induced stressors in situations and receive immediate   feedback by processing your experiences in group and individual sessions.

 Know that nicotine is metabolized from the body in 24 hours with uncomfortable transitional symptoms lasting only a few days with proper readiness, expectations and education. This Unique approach is designed to help you attain your goals for abstinence and maintain freedom from all forms of nicotine addiction.

 Our philosophy at Smoking Cessation Wellness in giving up any addiction or habit is to "Move a Muscle and Change
 a Thought." What this means in the language of addiction is to re-focus your attention and thoughts by changing
 your scenery - physically and visually. This movement of the mind encourages you take your mind off any cravings
 you may feel during your quit smoking program. We give you the unique opportunity to change your environment
 and help change your point of view into positive proactive thoughts other than smoking. We help you recognize the need to develop healthier habits better than any self-quit program you've probably faced alone at home in the past.
                                                                  “Change your Habits and you Change your Life!” ​​    

    Getting Ready for your Quit Day!  

You will spend Monday in our quit smoking Education Workshops, preparing for "Quit Night" on Monday evening. 
 We will spend time learning how to deal with the changes you'll be going through during the detoxification process-
 which generally lasts only two days, arming you with all kinds of great tips and tricks in giving up a smoking habit.
 You will be able to live our motto, "Move a Muscle and Change a Thought" whenever those cravings hit by utilizing
 any and all Spa amenities as resort member of Safety Harbor. 

    What kind of Support you will Receive in our Weekly Program? 

 Counseling staff will be available 24/7 providing individual one-on-one and group sessions to guide you when
 thoughts of smoking are strongest, easing any stress for those times when cravings hit. Know that cravings only last 30 seconds - if you focus on them - and we will be there to help 'take your mind off your mind'. 
 You will also be in the company of others in our day clinic program -who will be sharing their own quit journey.
 We will "buddy up" with peers, being both supported and supportive of others. We will continue with daily
 workshops throughout the week - continuing to teach you the tips and tricks of giving up a smoking addiction,
 helping you gain confidence in mastering your quit goals with each passing day.

 What to expect the first few days of your “Quit Retreat”

 Early recovery tends to be an emotional roller-coaster and symptoms during the first few days of recovery may be    uncomfortable. Yet with clinical intervention, venues for physiological detoxification through sauna and steam,
meditation for stress reduction, exercise, yoga and massage therapy as well as incorporating adventures and laughter with your peers who will all share the common goal of smoking cessation will ease your transition towards abstinence from tobacco products. Our objective is to distract the moments when thoughts of nicotine hits, making your Quit Process much more tolerable and assist in aiding Nicotine detox symptoms shorter and less intense. 

                                                                                   “A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline!”

 A TEN-DAY Intensive OUTPATIENT Quit Smoking Program with a FIVE-DAY at home "Quit Prep" under clinical guidance.
A Unique Outpatient Clinical Quit Smoking Program Held Monthly in a Resort-like Environment


​​                                                                               "CHANGE YOUR HABITS AND YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE!"



  • ​Professional Counseling  with Quit Prep, Individual/Group  progam sessions.
  • Naturopath Consultation with Licensed Professional (working in conjuction with your physician's recommendation)
  • Learn to address Self-Care needs, such as:Wellness, Nutrition Workshop for with healthy coping skills to replace smoking behavior


  • Steam, Sauna, & Whirlpools to aid in the body's Detoxification Process
  • ​Daily Fitness Classes (78 available classes weekly)   
  • Aquatics Fitness Programs
  • Yoga, Tai Chi and Yoga Nidra (meditation) Pillates.
  • ​Cardiovascular & Weight Training Rooms
  • SPINNING® Classes
  •  Heated Indoor pool & Outdoor Lap Pool
  • Bayside Leisure Pool
  • Separate Men & Women’s Locker Room with Finnish Sauna and Steam Rooms for all 
  • Personal Trainers Available
  • Complimentary Skin Care Consultation
  • ​Naturophathic Consultation
  • Overnight accommodations available.

​                       AND CLASS DESCRIPTIONS

Smoking Cessation Quit Retreats 

 We treat ALL NICOTINE  PRODUCTS:   Cigarettes, Vape / E-cigs, Cigars, Gum, Mints, Cigars
with professional Certified Counselors and include:    *  ​Weight Loss during Quit    *   Nutrition Counseling   *  Stress Reduction   



Making that Decision to Quit...

                     is a Decision you will Never Regret!



  Referring Physicians may contact us directly
Administrative Staff

​ Yvonne Romero, Founder, Clinical Program Director
TOXICITY Health & Wellness, Dr. Ed Deutusch

(727).230.2028 ​ (877) 209.5166

Our Outpatient Quit Program is held Monthly, unless you choose    our private quit retreat program due to scheduling.
       Please ask or call for details

​        Our Professional Counseling for a Full * 10 Day Clinical Program consists of:
 "Quit Prep Phase One" One:One Counseling one week prior to Program - Day 1-5
"Quit Prep Phase Two" Action Quit  Days held at the Resort (9am - 6pm)-  Day 6-10

  • Smoking Cessation Education Workshops held daily

  • On-going 1:1 Individual Counseling Sessions

  • Tailored Fitness/Weight loss programming targeting weight gain

  • Fitness Classes scheduled daily: Yoga, Cross-fit, Pilates, Water aerobics

  • ​5 Day Spa Membership throughout Phase Two  "Action Phase" of Program

  • Complimentary Skin Care or Health Care consultation with local Med-Spa

  • Follow-up Aftercare /Relapse Prevention Plan

  • Certificate of Completion* signed by our Physician 

  • $750.00* for complete 10 Day Quit Program: