• ​Professional Counseling  with Quit Prep, Individual/Group  progam sessions.
  • Naturopathic Consultation with Licensed Professional (working in conjuction with your physician's recommendation)
  • Learn to address Self-Care needs:
    Wellness, Nutrition Workshop for with healthy coping skills to replace smoking behavior


  • Steam, Sauna, & Whirlpools to aid in the body's Detoxification Process
  • ​Daily Fitness Classes (78 available classes weekly)
  • Aquatics Fitness Programs
  • Yoga, Tai Chi and Yoga Nidra (meditation) Pillates.
  • ​Cardiovascular & Weight Training Rooms
  • SPINNING® Classes
  •  Heated Indoor pool & Outdoor Lap Pool
  • Bayside Leisure Pool
  • Separate Men & Women’s Locker Room with Finnish Sauna and Steam Rooms for all 
  • Personal Trainers Available
  • Overnite accommodations available.

​                       AND CLASS DESCRIPTIONS

Celebrating our 4th Year Anniversary!  2014-Present

​Private or Day Clinic

Smoking Cessation Wellness Retreats 

​                                with our
Newest Location in Sedona Arizona 


​A Community Outpatient Clinic
at Safety Harbor

 Our  Seven Day Quit Smoking is a self-pay program.
 Rates depending upon Private of Day Programming​ 
                                                           Call Directly for Details  

An Outpatient Clinical Quit Smoking Program in a Resort-like Environment
 SEVEN-DAY Intensive PRIVATE OR OUTPATIENT Quit Smoking Program w/ Seven-Day at home Quit Prep

Making that Decision to Quit...

                     is a Decision you will Never Regret!



                                                   2019  DAY RETREAT SCHEDULE:
 *  You may also choose to attend a session as an outpatient client
                 with our regularly scheduled monthly Retreats
For specific dates, refer to  our Retreat Page for details.                       


   If you are a referring Physician             and wish to contact us, please feel     free to call us directly by phone.

​ Administrative Staff

​ Yvonne Romero, Founder, Clinical Program Director Dr Paul J Schonbrun, Medical Director​​

Florida Office: (727).230.2028
​Toll Free: (877) 209.5166

Private or Outpatient Workshop Program Includes:

  • Professional Counseling in a Full * 7 Day Program -
    "Quit Prep Phase One" One:One Counseling one week prior to Program
    "Quit Prep Phase Two" Action Quit  Days at the Resort (9am - 6pm) 

  • Smoking Cessation Education Workshops held daily

  • On-going 1:1 Individual Counseling Sessions

  • Tailored Fitness Programs

  • 10 Day Free Spa Membership throughout our Program 
    Utilize free extra days Spa Resort Pass beyond Program

  • Follow-up Aftercare /Relapse Prevention Plan

  • Certificate of Completion* signed by Physician 

  • $750.00 for complete Two Week Program:
    "Quit Prep Phases 1 and II" with 10 Day Spa Resort Pass

Attending a Day Spa Quit Smoking Program

You will receive all the benefits of attending our quit smoking cessation spa retreat at the beautiful Safety Harbor Spa as those who spend their spa retreat in overnight accommodations - except you get to go home and practice the principles of our quit smoking program long before our overnight guests.  In this way, you quickly become familiar with your triggers, stress inducing situations and get immediate feedback by your counselor in helping you attain your goals for abstinence and freedom from addiction. (You may review supplement details by referring to our "Program" page.)

Our philosophy at Smoking Cessation Wellness in giving up any addiction or habit is to "Move a Muscle and Change a Thought." What this means in the language of addiction is to re-focus your attention and thoughts by changing your scenery - physically and visually. This movement of the mind encourages you take your mind off any cravings you may feel during your quit smoking program. We give you the unique opportunity to change your environment and help change your point of view towards positive proactive thoughts. This helps you recognize the need to develop healthier habits better than any self-quit program you've probably faced alone at home in the past. Change your habits and you Change your Life!
Attending a Privately Tailored Quit Smoking Retreat 

Some of our clients prefer a more one-on-one approach for their Quit Smoking needs.  We have had numerous persons recovering from a variety of issues in their lives and feel they would benefit more from individual, more private sessions than in a group environment. 

We're happy to cater to persons with these special circumstances or needs in treatment. You may choose to stay at the resort for our 7Day All Inclusive program or, if you prefer, attend an outpatient treatment setting. We will also help you choose the date of your quit retreat with our counseling staff to ensure complete anonymity and results.

Nomatter your needs, we are able to design a personalized tailored Quit Program.  Please contact us for details but refer to the outline of our program since our private session follows the same program outline as our weekly group sessions held monthly. 

What can I expect and when do I quit smoking? 

You will first participate in our Initial Assessment with both our Addiction Specialist and Physician to determine the biological, social and psychological aspects of your smoking addiction in order for us to develop a solid treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs. You will not be prescribed any medications or nicotine replacement therapy to help you attain your quit goals unless this is thoroughly explored with our medical/clinical team along with your primary care physician. Not everyone's situation is the same, keeping in mind that you will return home in the evening which is why it is so important to attain an initial assessment to help us to determine your needs in treatment while developing a solid relapse prevention plan for you. 

​Getting Ready for your Quit Day!  

Whether you choose our Private Retreat Session or our Community Day Clinic Program, we will spend the first two days, Sunday and Monday in quit smoking workshops, preparing for "Quit Day" on Monday Evening.  You will spend time learning how to deal with the changes you'll be going through during the detox/withdrawal which generally lasts two days, arming you with all kinds of great tips and tricks in giving up a smoking habit. You will be able to live our motto, "Move a Muscle and Change a Thought" whenever those cravings hit by utilizing any and all Spa amenities as resort member of Safety Harbor. 

Your counselor will be available, providing individual one-on-one counseling, guiding you through those moments when cravings are strongest along with the assistance of our Reiki Master Practitioner to ease any stress for those times when cravings or triggers you may be feel at times are intense or hard to handle in the moment. Know that cravings only last 5-10 minutes if you focus on them and we will be there to help 'take your mind off your mind'. You will also be in the company of others if you choose our day clinic program who will be sharing the same path on their own quit journey with you. We will "buddy up" with peers, being both supported and supportive of others.

"People support that which they help to create."

We will continue with our daily workshops throughout the week - continuing to teach you the tips and tricks of giving up a smoking addiction, helping you gain confidence as you master your quit goals with each passing day.

 Some extra bonuses for our Community Day Clinic

Another of the great benefits in joining our community day clinic program is that you are always welcome to stay after 6 pm since your 10-Day Safety Harbor's Spa Membership privileges allows you to utilize all services until 10 pm as a member! You will also be given a locker in the Ladies or Men's private rooms for changes into your swim suit or clothing. 

Feeling nervous about hurrying home, no worries! Relax in the steam room, take a sauna and a shower and ease yourself into a smooth transition back to your  own environment.  Don't forget, you will still have privileges long after you complete the program to use. For instance, if you've had a rough day at the office to rid yourself of tension and know you need to move a muscle, change a thought - you can soak in the healing mineral springs whirlpools before returning home! 
 What is Not Included in our Day Clinic Program - Optional Amenities

You will be responsible for you own meals, but as a Guest of the Spa, you will have plenty of simple beverages to choose from throughout the day such as coffee, tea and mineral water. You can also arrive for breakfast - where we recommend you have your first cup of coffee since that morning cup is always the first trigger of the day. All meals are reasonably priced at the Resort's Restaurant or, during the day, take a walk through the quaint town of Safety Harbor for a myriad of cafes to choose from which are almost all also reasonably priced!